Liver | Detoxification | How to clean out the liver

The liver is the body's graveyard. Where all dead cells and pellets go to the body.

Liver | Detoxification | How to clean out the liver

So, with time, the body gets full of toxins. These toxins make the body in its worst health and physical state.

Also, these toxins in the liver make you not benefit from the natural recipes you use.

Damage and symptoms of accumulation of liver toxins:

  • Bad breath.
  • Chronic fatigue and permanent lethargy. Even though you may have had enough sleep.
  • Feeling pain in the right upper part of the abdomen. The pain may be mild or severe, depending on the amount of poison.
  • The more the liver isn't able to function due to a large number of toxins. Blood pressure rises, and secretions accumulate in the legs and ankles. This, in turn, causes swelling.
  • If you don't overeat and don't have a hormonal imbalance. But, you are overweight. Look for the liver and you will find it full of toxins.
  • Many people suffer from lethargy, rashes, and itching. That's when the skin condition is poor and full of toxins.
  • Liver toxins lead to yellow skin and eyes. This is due to the substance bilirubin. Which is formed from the breakdown of dead red blood cells in the liver.

The benefits of detoxing the liver:

Liver health is reflected in the health of your body. The clean the liver, the more healthy, active, and energetic the body will be.

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Liver health also reflects on skin health. Whenever the liver is free of toxins, the complexion is:

  • Fresh and shining.
  • Impurities free.
  • No dark spots.
  • Uniform color.
  • No pigmentation.
  • Also, even dark circles are completely eliminated.

So today we will present to you a very easy liver detoxification recipe. This recipe is very safe and found in every household.

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Important Alert:

Please those who take medication ask the doctor before using this recipe.

Also, everyone who is allergic to the ingredients in this recipe. Please don't use this recipe.

Ingredients for the liver cleanse recipe:

All we need green tea. Green tea is extremely rich in antioxidants. Which plays a very big role in getting rid of all the toxins in the liver.

How do you clean the liver?

You should make sure that the green tea used is 100% natural. Also, it should be free from any pesticides.

This is so that it doesn't harm the body. And also so that we can clean the liver in a safe way without any damage.

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We will take a cup of boiled water and put a spoonful of green tea in it. Cover and leave for 10-15 minutes. Strain the tea and a cup is drunk before breakfast.

Forbidden to eat or drink until after an hour has passed. It is prohibited to use sugar for sweetening.  You can use a spoonful of natural bee honey.

It should be continued for two consecutive months. Drink this drink every day without any final interruption.

Try this liver detox recipe and tell us your opinions in the comments.

If you have questions or requests, leave them in the comments.

And for those who need a special treatment or cosmetic course. Send us a message.

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