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Usage Policy Page - With Herbs

We try to be the best, but we would like to bring to your attention a few key points we urge you to remember.

With Herbs, it specializes in beauty, health, and fitness using only natural herbs. You can get to know the site better by visiting Who We Are?.

Thus, neither visitors nor members are allowed to breach the following terms:

1- Don't use comments to promote people or organizations.

2 - To prevent others from offending certain persons or entities whether or not they do so.

3- Any pornographic content, nudity, or anything contrary to religious principles is prohibited.

4- Don't use comments to promote people or organizations. Including intellectual, racial or political ideas.

These Terms are non-negotiable and are subject to renewal and modification at any time. And it is necessary to follow it.

We ask everyone to comply with these terms.

So that the benefit continues for everyone.

Thank you for your kindness.