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We value your privacy, and this Policy covers the types of personal information that we collect in With Herbs and how this information is used.

Privacy policy -  With Herbs

These companies may use information about your visit (but not personal information about you). This is to serve advertisements about items and services you may be on via a cookie.

We've teamed up With Herbs to use Google Ads as an external revenue stream.
Does Google use cookies to serve advertisements on our site?
DART cookies enable Google to serve "interest-based" ads to users based on their visits to our site.

To disable visit use the DART cookie

Log files:

Like most other website servers, this is where the With Herbs.
Includes protocol in the log file system. Addresses, browser type, service provider, date/time, click-through rate to check direction).

This method is not used for eavesdropping, but rather to increase the quality of Google ads. All information that we keep is confidential and remains within the scope of privacy. Only on our site.

Cookies and network settings:

Google uses cookies to store information about the interests of users. This allows us to tailor the materials of our Service to the interests of visitors.
We add to this that some of the companies that advertise in
 With HerbsCheck our web settings. Like Google and its advertising platform Google AdSense. It's the best advertising company on our website.
Marketers check this data and analyze using internet protocols to improve quality.

Furthermore, these organizations use specialized means to measure the adequacy of these advertisements.

For more information, you should refer to the third-party privacy policies in this document. and advertisers such as Google AdSense, or ad network servers.
To review the privacy policy for the Google AdSense advertising program, please click Here.

Our advertising policy collects data about the interests and locations of our users. Stop this post here.

Disable the cookie functionality from your browser settings, or follow the directions below. Google Ads and Content Network Privacy Policy.

If you would like more information or have any issues regarding our Privacy Policy, please Call us.

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Provisions of this Policy are subject to change and development.