Pineal gland | What is the pineal gland | Pineal gland location

Pineal gland, what does the pineal gland?

Pineal gland  What is the pineal gland  Pineal gland location
Pineal gland

This is a gland located inside the human body. Some call it the third eye.

It is located in the middle of the eyebrows, behind the third cerebral ventricle.

It is also one of the smallest and most important endocrine glands in the body.

It is the most mysterious gland in the human body. Its location is close to the pituitary gland. It is named this way because it has a distinctive shape that resembles a pine cone.

It is relatively large in children. And begins to shrink when people reach adulthood.

The size of this item is equivalent to a grain of rice. Non-Muslims consider it the main seat of the soul.

It is activated in natural light. The brain transitions from sleep to wakefulness when activated.

It is called the sun of the awakening of the third eye, which is the scientific name.

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 The pineal gland, third eye

Why it is called the third eye? That's because of several reasons:

The brain center is linked to light and the biological clock, and its location is closely linked to them. It also plays a major role in the secretion of melatonin in the body.

There are many beliefs in the science of spirituality. That it can communicate with the hidden worlds. 

It can also have a powerful spiritual dimension. That makes it communicate with the material and spiritual worlds. 

It is also associated with perception, awareness, and spiritual communication. (Certainly, this has no scientific basis, but it is a belief among spiritualists.)

The difference between the pineal gland and the third eye

Many people say that there is a big difference between them.

The pineal gland

As we know, It is located at the bottom of the brain, behind the pituitary gland. Its main function is to regulate the biological clock in the human body.

Third eye

The third eye is a vital portal in the human body with high capacity, if any.

Pineal gland disorders

What happens if it is damaged?

If it causes any damage, fatigue, or injury. Every human lifestyle is messed up.

Symptoms of pineal gland disorders

  • Sleep and mood disturbances due to imbalanced sleep.
  • Seasonal affective disorder, which is in the winter. It is also called winter depression.

  • There are approximately 16 types of tumors in the pineal gland. But fortunately, most of them are benign. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, cramps, and headaches.

  • Pineal cysts and their symptoms, mental problems, and sleep disorders.

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So, what are the causes of pineal gland disorders?

  • Coniferous stems.
  • Pineal cysts.
  • Seasonal changes.
  • Increased calcium deposition in it.

 What is the function of the pineal gland?

What is the main function of the pineal gland?

It has many functions in the human body. It controls the biological clock that regulates the body's sleep-wake pattern.

The main function is to secrete melatonin, a hormone derived from tryptophan. Which controls sleep and wakefulness.

It is this hormone that causes drowsiness. The function of certain endocrine glands is controlled. 

Which helps the body convert signals from the nervous system. That's into signals in the endocrine system.

So that the secretion of the hormone melatonin increases in the dark. And less secretion in the light.

The physiological function of it

The pituitary gland, which originates from the hypothalamus in the brain, plays a crucial role in the body's endocrine system.

Which helps regulate certain reproductive hormones. Also, it regulates both hunger and thirst.

It also controls the biological clock. That determines the natural aging process in the human body.

Other jobs

1. It protects against osteoporosis.

Since age and menopause in women. The pineal gland goes down, causing a decrease in melatonin.

This melatonin protects against osteoporosis. Thus, taking melatonin through nutritional supplements strengthens it. Which works to prevent osteoporosis.

2. Improving psychological and mental health

Sleep is naturally linked to psychological and mental health. He says that if the sleeping schedule is messed up, the mood will be very bad.

The work of the pineal gland ensures regularity of the biological clock, leading to a positive mood.

3. Old age

With age, a person sleeps less. Which reduces the secretion of melatonin in the body.

The main cause of aging is not primarily due to decreased melatonin secretion in the body. But it may be one of the explanations for aging.

Benefits of the hormone melatonin, which is secreted by the pineal gland

  • Regulating sleep and the body's biological clock.
  • Its level affects the menstrual cycle and its occurrence and duration.
  • Secretory changes are associated with emotional disorders and depression.
  • Regulates new bone deposition.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Reduces signs associated with aging.
  • Activates antioxidant enzymes in the body.

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 Pineal gland support and detoxing your pineal gland

1- You must go out in the first Sun in the early morning. That is about 15 minutes after sunrise. This sun has a very big role in activating the pineal gland.

We observe the Sun briefly before examining the Earth. This is the best way to decalcify the pineal gland.

2- As soon as it gets dark or after the Isha prayer. All lights must be turned off, and no electrical equipment must be turned on.

And take out all electrical appliances outside the room in which you will sleep. This serves to clean your pineal gland.

After the evening prayer, it is recommended to sleep in a dark room without any electrical devices.

After two weeks or a month, you will wake up to the call to dawn prayer automatically. This is because the pineal gland has been activated.

Individuals who sleep and do not wake up immediately for the dawn call to prayer. They have a damaged pineal gland.

3- Also, a meditation on luminous bulbs at a distance activates the pineal gland.

You can treat it with red light therapy for the pineal gland. Meditating on yellow and green lamps can energize them.

4- Reduce the intake of too much fluoride. what decalcifies the pineal gland.

5- Reducing exposure to blue light. This light is caused by mobile phones, TV screens, and computers.

Because it reduces melatonin production for 4 hours.

6- Reducing exposure to electromagnetic waves.

 Problems that occur if the pineal gland is damaged

1- Pineal gland fluoride

Fluoride buildup is caused by drinking water directly from the tap.

The proportion of fluoride in the water in Arab countries is very high. The sterilization process involves adding large amounts of fluoride to the water.

A high percentage is harmful to it.

This thing is very dangerous. The accumulation of chlorine and fluoride in water is an important problem.

This makes the sleep/wake cycle irregular. Which affects human health in general.

It also works on iodine deficiency in the body and almost disappears from it. This destroys the pineal gland.

Floyd is also found in toothpaste. Thus, toothpaste and toothpaste mixtures should be used in moderation.

2- Calcified pineal gland

Although studies are still ongoing. Some believe that calcification is the reason.

Such as cancer, headaches, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

 How to clean the pineal gland

We must do some things for a while to get it activated.

1- Tamarind

Tamarind drinks greatly help in cleansing the pineal gland.

2- Boron herb

We take a quarter of a teaspoon of it in a liter of distilled water. It has been drunk for two days. The sentence is a summary of a statement that is taken each time.

3- Zeolite

This doesn't exist in Arab countries. It is found in countries with volcanoes, which are volcanic crystals.

It is used as a compelling way to detoxify it properly. This is because it effectively breaks down crystals and calcium.

You can drink it, which is harmless if taken in moderation and limited quantities.

4- Moroccan, Tunisian, and Algerian pigeons

Bathing in the Moroccan, Tunisian, and Algerian baths. They have a very important role in cleaning the pineal gland. So that it detoxifies it well.

5- Eat foods that contain iodine.

All seafood is very rich in iodine. Also watercress, local cheese, local yogurt, eggs, plums, corn, and seaweed.

If you feel permanent fatigue or have a constant cold, you can eat foods that contain iodine.

Regular intake of iodine in the body stimulates the pineal gland.

6- Type of food

Eat natural, healthy, and useful food. Avoid eating harmful and processed foods.

7- Cod liver oil

Eating cod liver oil helps raise its efficiency of it. And also pineal gland health.

8- Grapes

Studies have shown that eating grapes or their juice can be beneficial. It has a major role in the decomposition of fluoride.

9- Food cooking utensils

Nonstick cookware helps concentrate fluoride.

10- Drink tea.

Drink green-leaf tea, not powdered tea.


Drinking black cocoa is very good. The process involves detoxifying the pineal gland.

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Is the pineal gland important?

After all this talk, do you think it is important? Certainly, it is very important for human health and psychology. And it is mental life in a very large way.

How does the pineal gland affect human functioning?

The effect of this is extremely important for human functions. When she is in good condition. Human functions are doing well. And when it's bad. Human functions don't work well.

This was our article today. We hope that you have benefited from the information provided to you.

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