Feet | Feet cracks | How to heal cracked feet overnight

Feet and cracked feet are significant problems facing adults and young people.

Feet | Feet cracks | How to heal cracked feet overnight
Feet cracks

The problem is not limited to any age group but is more serious for women.

Thus, the heel of the foot appears in the form of dry and solid. In this case, the skin becomes thicker than usual.

And there is dry skin on the feet. Excess cracking may lead to bleeding.

Usually, this problem has no side effects. But if the depth of the foot cracks increases.

At that time, this may cause an infection in the body. The reason for this is that bacteria can enter through these deep cracks.

It's really a very difficult problem. And many times the painful cracked heels.

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The causes are many and varied. We will talk together about everything related to this problem.

We will offer you a very remarkable natural mixture. It plays a significant role in getting very soft and beautiful feet.

Symptoms of cracked feet

  • Itch
  • Sores
  • Scales in the skin
  • Sometimes severe pain
  • Skin redness and inflammation
  • At other times, bleeding occurs

Reasons for cracked feet

Many people ask, "What causes dry, cracked feet? We must first know the cause before starting treatment.

The goal is to achieve permanent results, not temporary results. There are external and internal causes. Causes of cracked heels:

First, the external causes of dry feet

The problem of cracked feet occurs due to many external factors, including:

Walking without shoes on ceramics or carpets

This, in turn, causes the foot to friction too much on the ground. The likelihood of heel cracks increases significantly.

Shoe quality

The quality of the shoe is a big factor in the occurrence of cracks. Most people wear shoes of very poor quality.

Which affects the feet, especially the heels. This causes very large heel fissures, and their shape is undesirable.

Standing for long periods

Standing for long periods puts a lot of pressure on the feet. Heels are more susceptible to cracks due to their design.

Not moisturizing

The heels are one of the places in the human body that don't secrete natural moisturizers.

This is why it needs a very high amount of moisturizers. This is to avoid severe dryness of the feet and thus the occurrence of cracks in the skin.

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The quality of the soap used

The harsher the soap, the more chemicals it contains. The more this leads to dry skin. And make the thickness of the skin very thick.

The weather

Cold weather greatly dries out the skin. Thus, we notice that the heels of the feet become more cracked in the winter than in the summer. 

Second, the internal reasons for foot fissures

Many diseases cause cracked feet, including:


Hypothyroidism causes many problems for the body. Among these problems are those caused by hypothyroidism. It's the problem of heel fissures.


The complications of diabetes are too many. High blood sugar leads to painful cracked heels.

Nerve damage

This illness hinders the feeling of cracked feet. It also makes you wonder whether cracked heels are painful or not.

Atopic Dermatitis

Cracked feet may be associated with atopic dermatitis. It's common in children between the ages of four and eight.

Sjogren's syndrome

This prevents the body from producing enough moisture for it. Which makes the skin appear cracked.

Other reasons play a role in cracks in the skin and heels

  • Aging
  • Obesity
  • Psoriasis
  • Pregnancy
  • Athlete's foot
  • Skin infection
  • Flatfoot, or the so-called flat foot

Also a lack of vitamins

There are many signs indicating a lack of vitamins in the body. Cracked feet often indicate a skin vitamin deficiency.

This means that vitamins C, E, and B3 maintain the health and safety of the skin.

Cracked skin may indicate a deficiency of vitamins A and B, which are essential for the development of skin cracks.

Prevention of cracked feet

We must do a lot of things to avoid foot cracks. And also to give lasting results when using today's recipe. Among these habits:


Feet must be moisturized with a high-quality moisturizer. Especially after taking a shower, because the skin is soft in this state.

And when you apply moisturizer to it, it makes the skin soft. Also, before going to bed, you must moisturize your feet.

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By applying the appropriate moisturizer to the skin and wearing cotton socks. To ensure that the skin maintains moisture throughout the night and into the morning.

Shoe quality

The quality of the shoes must be excellent. It must be a medical shoe, or at least made of excellent raw materials. To avoid cracks in the feet.

Take good care of your feet

  • Use natural or creamy soap.
  • You must wear medical shoes when walking at home.
  • Avoid standing for long periods as much as possible.

  • To maintain good health, it is recommended to soak your feet in warm water twice a week. With the use of pumice stones and an appropriate scrub. To effectively remove dead skin and allow the moisturizer to work on the skin.

Pay attention when leaving the house

We usually take care of a lot of things before we leave the house. Like hair, skin, and clothes, and forget the final feet.

Closed shoes must be worn. The text advises avoiding wearing open shoes as much as possible.

Also, if the feet are exposed to the sun, sunscreen must be applied to them. This is so that direct sunlight doesn't affect the feet.

Drinking water

We all know the amazing benefits of drinking water. Which makes hair and skin very moisturized. It is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water daily. To maintain moisture and soft feet.

Feet examinations

This procedure is very necessary for diabetics. This is to prevent cracks in the skin as much as possible.

Take vitamins

You must take vitamins and nutritional supplements. This ultimately contributes to maintaining skin health and safety.

Including vitamin C, which contains ascorbic acid. It also contains collagen, which plays a very big role in maintaining the health and safety of the skin. It also protects the skin from chapping.

Also, antioxidants play an important role in cell regeneration. It also protects the skin from ultraviolet rays. 

You can get it from some foods, such as paprika. Sweet potatoes and citrus fruits such as lemon are also included in the menu.

Zinc is also a very important mineral for the skin, as it helps protect it from cracks. It also helps to produce collagen and heal wounds quickly.

And don't forget the very excellent vitamin E. Which contains antioxidants. As itn't only prevents cracking and stretching of the skin.

But it also gives the skin good moisture. Sweet potatoes and citrus fruits such as lemon are also included in the menu. Also, olive oil, spinach, and avocado.

Vitamin A also contains antioxidants. This substance is found in tomatoes, lettuce, and carrots.

Complications of cracked feet

  • Foot ulcer infection
  • Inflammation cellulitis
  • Loss of feeling in the heels
  • Sharp pain when pressing on the feet
  • Often, deep cracks cause bleeding

The danger of heel fissures

Cracks in the feet are normal and simple, there is no fear of them at all. This problem requires immediate attention and care and can be resolved permanently.

This problem requires immediate attention and care and can be resolved permanently.

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Which leads to the occurrence of some diseases and infections. Sometimes you may develop a chronic disease that isn't easy to treat.

Early treatment of minor cracks is crucial to prevent them from becoming as thick as crocodile skin. And it becomes difficult to treat.

 How do you treat cracked skin on your feet?

Let's first talk about extremely cracked feet

Deeper cracks need special care. And it needs a longer period of treatment.

It's possible that this type of patient needs to see a doctor. So that it gives you a kind of strong ointment that helps heal cracks.

And stop the bleeding resulting from these incisions. Or give you antibiotics that help heal wounds.

Secondly, minor cracked heels

This type is very easy to treat at home. Taking into account the factors that contribute to the prevention of cracked feet.

One of the best treatments for dry skin on the feet is our recipe today. This is because it plays a very big role in the beauty of the appearance of the heels of the feet. And have a beautiful, shiny, and smooth appearance.

Its ingredients are 100% natural and are found in every home. Suitable for young and old. Also for children over 5 years old.

 Does Vaseline heal cracked feet?

The fact that putting vaseline on heels is very good for dry and chapped skin. But it's better to add it to mixtures for better and faster results. And that's what we did in today's mix.

Very important notices

Liver detoxification

Before using the recipe, the liver must be cleansed of toxins. Thus, to get the best results in the shortest possible time.

Click here for a liver detox recipe.

Ensure the quality of the ingredients

It's necessary to make sure that the raw materials used in the recipe are 100% original and natural. So that we don't harm the skin and so that we can get excellent results quickly.

Allergy test

When the ingredients are mentioned, those who are allergic to any ingredient. Shouldn't use the recipe at all.

Although the ingredients in the recipe are 100% natural. But, a sensitivity test must be done.

This is done by taking a small amount of the mixture and placing it behind the ear, or on the inside of the wrist. Then wait 10 to 15 minutes. If no redness or sensitivity occurs, you can use the recipe.

The components of cracked feet treatment

  • Natural creamy soap
  • Lemon
  • Rose water
  • Highly moisturizing natural moisturizing cream, or medical Vaseline
  • Plastic bag
  • Cotton socks
  • Warm water

Ingredients for cracked heels treatment

  • A quarter of a natural creamy soap
  • Two tablespoons of rose water (you can add more as needed)
  • Half a lemon
  • Two tablespoons of any type of natural moisturizing cream. And you can replace it with medical Vaseline.

How do I make foot crack cream?

Grate the creamy soap (on the fine side of the grater). And take a quarter of the soap.

Then cover it with natural rose water (two tablespoons or more as needed). The important thing is that you cover the soap with rose water.

The creamy soap is left soaked in rose water from night to morning, or vice versa. The important thing is that the soap dissolves completely.

After making sure that the soap is completely dissolved in the rose water. We added the juice of half a lemon to the mixture.
Mixing is done perfectly until there is complete homogeneity.

Then add two tablespoons of natural moisturizing cream or medical Vaseline. And mix again until we get cream.

How do I use heel softening cream?

We bring warm water (the temperature is the degree that the body can bear). That's for feet softening because of warm water.

You can add a little natural apple cider vinegar or white vinegar to the water. Or you can add carbonate. This is to give light to the skin.

If you don't have these things. Or if you are allergic to any ingredient. You can do without them and be content with just warm water.

 And the feet are soaked in warm water for a quarter of an hour. After removing the feet from the water, they aren't completely dried.

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Then the cream is applied to the entire foot. Focusing on the cracks so that the amount of the mixture increases. Wear a nylon bag with cotton socks.

So that the feet absorb as much mixture as possible. To get very smooth feet.

Leave the mixture on the foot for an hour to two hours. Then rinse the feet with water and rub them well with the pumice stone for the feet.

And then moisturize the feet with a natural, highly moisturizing moisturizer. You can use natural oils, such as virgin coconut oil.

This process is repeated twice a day. And it's done daily until we get the required results.

How long do cracked feet take to heal?

The results appear according to the cracks in the skin and the degree of cracks. The fewer cracks, the faster the result. And if the cracks were large and old, they would take longer to heal.

Try our recipe to eliminate cracked feet, and tell us your opinions in the comments.

If you have any questions or requests, leave them in the comments. We will respond to all your requests and inquiries.

And for those who want a treatment or cosmetic course dedicated to him, just send us a message.

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