Acne vulgaris | How to get rid of acne

Acne vulgaris, Acne vulgaris is a skin condition characterized by the accumulation of excess oil in the skin pores. 

Acne vulgaris | How to get rid of acne

Also, the accumulation of dead skin causes acne. It often appears on the face, especially on the cheeks.

So what are the causes of acne?


Most teenage girls and boys often get acne. This is the result of changing hormones in the body, which causes these problems in a big way.

Changing hormones

Changing hormones play a big role in the appearance of acne on the skin. 

Also during adolescence, There is a change in the hormones in the body. Males are more susceptible to this problem. 

As for the puberty period, females are often more prone to acne vulgaris. This is due to very many factors, including pregnancy and menstruation.

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Genetic factors

If one of the parents suffers from acne, the children are more likely to develop it.

Improper skin care

The wrong daily skincare routine plays a big role in this case. Like over-cleansing, this removes important natural oils from the skin. Which causes grains to appear. 

Also neglecting the skin and not cleaning it properly. The process leads to clogged skin pores, leading to the formation of pimples.


There are a lot of girls who use cheap cosmetics on their skin. Not only that, but she also sleeps without removing makeup from her skin. 

This leads to accumulation in the skin pores, leading to the formation of pimples.

Excess oils on the skin

Oily skin is often more prone to acne vulgaris. This is due to the excessive production of sebum by the skin. This leads to clogged pores, leading to the appearance of pimples on the skin.


Some types of medications cause hormones to change in the body. This caused the formation of very large pimples.

Some types of foods

Many people are allergic to certain foods. Such as chocolate and foods that contain preservatives and some types of sugar.

Types of acne on the face 

There are different types of acne, such as:

Hormonal acne

This typically occurs during adolescence. This is due to changing hormones in boys and girls.

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Late acne

This type is classified as hormonal. But it appears in the late twenties. The reason it is called “late” is due to its lateness.

Sudden acne

This type appears suddenly on the skin. It is caused by the use of contaminated personal care tools. Such as toiletries or personal towels.

Cosmetic acne

This type is due to the wrong use of cosmetics. Or cheap cosmetics. Also, leave it on the skin for long periods or sleep with it.

Pharmaceutical acne

This is caused by certain types of medications. Which causes hormones to change in the body.

Pink or red acne

This type is formed in the form of red blisters that are often inflamed.

White acne

This type is not inflamed but has white heads.

Black acne

This type appears in the form of blackheads. The type of treatment is the most direct.

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After we talked about the causes and types. Now it's the turn of treatment and getting rid of this annoying problem once and for all.

Today's recipe is very simple and will help you get rid of acne vulgaris. And that's a short period with continuous use.

But first, the liver must be cleaned of the toxins in it. So you get the best results in the shortest possible time.

To clean the liver from toxins naturally and safely from here.

Also, if you have an allergy to any ingredient, do not use this recipe.

To do an allergy test, part of the mixture is taken. And put it behind the ear or on the wrist, and wait 15 minutes. If no redness or skin irritation occurs. Use the recipe right away.

You must make sure that the products that you use are 100% natural. This is so that no skin problems occur. Because of the use of harmful and adulterated materials.

Absolutely avoid using chemical soaps that are harmful to the skin. In order not to exacerbate the problem. To make a natural skin soap from here.

You must also know the type and cause of your acne. So that you can treat it faster by avoiding the causes leading to it.

How do I get rid of acne?

To get rid of acne, we need:

Eucalyptus leaves distilled water, apple cider vinegar, and pure white honey.

How to treat acne naturally?

Take half a cup of dried eucalyptus leaves and put a cup and a quarter of distilled water on them. 

Place the material on the fire and leave it to boil until it reaches the ideal temperature.

The pot must be covered while boiling. To avoid wasting the benefits of camphor.

Extinguish the fire, and the pot is completely covered. And leave until it becomes lukewarm. After that, it is perfectly filtered, and we take only water.

Add a tablespoon of natural apple cider vinegar to the water. And half a spoonful of pure original honey. The mixture is stirred very well until completely mixed.

How to use acne removal

The skin must be completely clean and free of any dust or makeup. Take a clean cotton ball and dip it in the mixture. 

Then pass it on to the grain places. Repeat this process five or more times a day. And continue daily until complete recovery. 

This is one of the best skincare products for acne vulgaris.

Don't forget to try today's recipe and tell us about your results in the comments.

If you have any questions or requests, leave them in the comments.

But if you want a treatment or cosmetic course designed specifically for you, send us a message.

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